Welcome to PotterSoft!

This is the home of Phil Potter's various programming projects, including MasterEmu as seen on the Google Play store. I hand-crafted this site in a text editor, to act as a showcase for my work going forward, and to help generate interest for the subjects that I am passionate about.

I have loved computers and everything about them since I was a small child, and in particular I am a huge gaming fan (particularly of retro titles) and fan of Linux/Free Software. The languages I am most familiar with are C, C++ and Java, although I also dabble in JavaScript and PHP.

MasterEmu, a C based Sega MasterSystem and GameGear emulator for Android, is the project I'm most proud of thus far, with tens of thousands of installs since its launch in mid-2015. My current project, created as my final year module for my Open University Computer Science degree, is a Sony PlayStation emulator written entirely in Java, which is now ported to C and on GitHub, but awaiting time for me to make it more workable. It will utilise dynamic recompilation when finished, to obtain playable speeds. I successfully graduated based on this work (with a 2.1, two marks off a 1st), but it remains unfinished and I am still working on getting it playable as and when I have time. I will place updates on this site about my progress with this.

If you are interested in my work and would like to discuss it further, please contact queries@philpotter.co.uk

Also, if you'd like to donate to help me continue funding development of MasterEmu and other projects in my spare time, then why not buy me a coffee?