From time to time, I thought I'd make some blog entries here, on whatever takes my fancy. Hopefully someone will actually want to read them and find them informative/funny/useful!

Thu 13th October 2022, 23:35 - Update

Wow, been a while since I wrote anything on here! Lots has changed for me - starting work for Ohme as a Software Developer, becoming a Linux Kernel Maintainer, and finally an update to MasterEmu on the Play Store after 2½ years! Hopefully I can start to be more active on here again and finish some of my projects such as PhilPSX :-)

Sun 31st March 2019, 10:33 - GitHub and MasterEmu

I have finally open sourced MasterEmu and placed it on GitHub under the GPLv3! Big moment for me finally putting my work up for others to see. I hope people like what I've done and feel like contributing :-)

Wed 23rd January 2018, 00:04 - PhilPSX

Getting seriously into porting PhilPSX to C now, and also just read a book on digital signal processing to help me with the math for when I start implementing the sound chip. Exciting times ahead!

Sat 14th January 2017, 22:39 - Life so far

Well - compsci undergrad degree finished, and I've finally found time to update the website! Only two marks off a first, bit annoying but still really proud of myself for what I achieved. I got PhilPSX to boot and run commercial software, albeit at a reduced speed as I didn't get round to the dynamic recompiler. As I sank so much work into PhilPSX I'm going to carry on with it and finish it :-)

So, what's next for me? Well, to carry on working hard for my family I guess, and see what job and wider opportunities present themselves on the horizon. One thing I'd like to do this year is get involved in a prominent free software/open source project, such as FreeBSD (which I've had the chance to try out since I have more free time now). Also in this vein, I plan on making PhilPSX available under a free software licence on GitHub to encourage usage and participation.

Thu 17th March 2016, 17:01 - Saturn vs PS1

Thought I'd put this here for when people actually view the site. Thankfully for me the PS1 is much easier to emulate. I did grow up on the Saturn though!