Apps and Projects

Below are some of the apps and projects I have created and subsequently maintained. As mentioned on the home page, if you want more information on any of these, just get in touch at and I'll be happy to help. Likewise, checkout my GitHub for open source projects I've created:


MasterEmu Screenshot MasterEmu is a high performance Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear emulator for Android, written in C using the SDL library for graphics and sound abstraction, with a thin Java layer for the menu interface. This app started off as a PC project written in Java, called JMasterSystem. I subsequently ported it to C to test my skills, and then decided to make it an Android app.

It supports loading ROMs from ZIP files, save states, SRAM, Android TV, controllers + keyboards (as well as the obvious touchscreen), and also works with games utilising the non-standard Codemasters mapper chip. I'm pleased to say that MasterEmu now has almost 28,000 total installs, and support/userbase is growing by the day - currently to over 3,300. MasterEmu supports versions of Android from 4.4 and up, and can be found on the Google Play Store. It is now open source and licensed under the GNU GPLv3, so give it a try or perhaps contribute!

Boarding Management System (IRIS)

IRIS Screenshot IRIS is a database system, with a web frontend, that I was commissioned to design and program by my previous employer, Cranbrook School. It did run on a Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP stack and has now been in production use for ten years, during which time I have made many updates with new features, as well as setting it up in another prestigious international school. Subsequently, I wrote a containerised version from scratch using a Go/PostgreSQL/Kubernetes stack, which has a superset of the functionality of the older version and made further expandability much easier.

Below is a brief description of the features it supports:

  • Integration with Active Directory for authenticating access via single sign-on.
  • CSV importing of student information from SIMS, very useful for doing mass imports at the start of an academic year.
  • CSV exporting of all reports.
  • Weekend activities management.
  • Exeat management.
  • Full boarding student database with contact details and medical/dietary requirements.
  • Recording of medical issues such as the giving of pain medication or plasters.
  • Recording of behavioural issues such as gatings/house detentions.
  • Full search on any data range for both medical and behavioural issues, by individual student, house or all.
  • Weekly behavioural reports for each year group within each house.
  • Grid comparison of behavioural hits for groups of students for each term.
  • Private sections for medical and counselling staff.
  • Academic monitoring with graphing ability.
  • Much more.


This is a Sony PlayStation 1 emulator which I have been working on and have not yet released publicly. See here for more details on the work I've done. I am getting close to pushing this up to GitHub. After my degree I shifted focus from Java, and decided to rewrite in C - it will be GTK+ 3 based and include an even better debugger!